Grants given by the Trust to Young People

In his Will, the Revd Nicholas Chamberlaine provided for the setting up of the Almshouses, the foundation of two schools, and the provision of clothing and apprenticeships for young boys. Today's Trustees are equally keen to ensure that the young people of the area (the former Bedworth Urban District Council which includes Bulkington and parts of Exhall and Keresley) should have a good start in life. To this end they offer discretionary grants to young people starting a first degree (up to four years) or where there is an emphasis on pastoral care and service to the community, for a second degree.  The grants are anticipated to be £750.00, but are subject to change.

The Trustees also like to help young people who are beginning an apprenticeship or other vocational qualification, perhaps with the cost of tools or equipment. Grants are occasionally made to individuals for other educational purposes.

Whilst the Trust will endeavour to award full grants this may be affected by income that the Trust receives or the detail within the application for the grant.  Grants are discretionary and can be subject to change.

Apprentice Award

Applications for an Apprentice Award can only be made using the online form which can be accessed via the link below to the Docusign system. Please find below a copy of the form that is required to be completed so that you are aware of the questions that will be asked, and also the information required.

Educational Award

Applications for an Educational Award for a course beginning in September or October should be made from beginning of August to end of November of the same year using the online form which can be accessed via the Docusign system.  The docusign link will only be available when the application window is open.

Any application made after the end of November will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.  Please use the contact page for further information.

Further notes and guidance

Registered Charity Numbers

Nicholas Chamberlaine’s Hospital and Sermon Charity (216930)
Nicholas Chamberlaine’s School Foundation (528672)

The Hospital and Sermon Charity is a member of the Almshouse Association and is able to provide Data Protection and Safeguarding Policies on request. The School Foundation is also subject to Data Protection and can also provide Policies on request.

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