Becoming a Resident

Apply Here ButtonFor information on the accommodation and facilities available to residents, please see our Almshouses page.

Do you qualify to be a resident?

If you currently live within the boundaries of the old Bedworth Urban District Council then you do qualify. You also need to be capable of leading an independent life.

The application form that we ask you to fill in demands a lot of detailed information about you and your present housing in order that we can help those in greatest need. It is our objective to provide accommodation for elderly men and women with limited income who are resident in the Bedworth area.

Applicants should be capable of an independent life and be prepared to move if this is no longer possible.

Accommodation may be offered to successful applicants in the Nicholas Chamberlaine Almshouse depending on availability. We regret that a request for accommodation in a specific flat cannot be considered.

If an offer is made to you and you do not accept, it is possible that you will either be removed from the waiting list or put lower down the order. However, if there are exceptional circumstances the Trustees may use their discretion.

Data Protection Statement

It is part of the Trustees responsibilities to ensure that applicants for Almshouses are suitably qualified under the terms of the charity’s governing document. Trustees, therefore, need to investigate the personal circumstances of applicants. The Charity complies with the regulations for data security under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The data we collect has been classified as Sensitive Data under Article 9 of GDPR. We have strong procedures and policies to protect the collection and storage of this data. The personal data supplied on this form and other information relating to an almshouse appointment or your care management will be held on file. Some details may be checked with relevant organisations since the charity reserves the right to investigate and verify what you write in this form, but no details will be disclosed for any inappropriate purpose. You may have access to your personal information on request.Nicholas Chamberlaine Hospital & Sermon Charity is a registered charity (216930) and it is also registered with the Regulator of Social Housing. Selection is based on the need of suitably qualified applicants.

Please note: Residents are not allowed to keep animals/birds of any description.

Application Form

If you are interested in becoming a resident please complete the online application form by clicking here

If you prefer to complete a paper copy you can download an application form here NCT Application Form for Accommodation  paper form wills need to be sent to Administration Office, Bedworth Almshouses, All Saints Square, Bedworth CV12 8NR.  Once we have recieved your form you will join a waiting list and will be contacted should a vacancy become available.

Registered Charity Numbers

Nicholas Chamberlaine’s Hospital and Sermon Charity (216930)
Nicholas Chamberlaine’s School Foundation (528672)

The Hospital and Sermon Charity is a member of the Almshouse Association and is able to provide Data Protection and Safeguarding Policies on request. The School Foundation is also subject to Data Protection and can also provide Policies on request.

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