Welcome to the Nicholas Chamberlaine Trusts

Two charities bear the name Nicholas Chamberlaine. One is the Hospital and Sermon Charity and the other is the School Foundation. Unusually they are administered by the same body of Governors or Trustees, The first is concerned with the Bedworth Almshouses and the second with the town’s three Foundation Schools. We hope that you will enjoy exploring our website and learn more about the Rector whose generous legacy has made a difference to generations of Bedworth residents and continues to do so today.

Nicholas Chamberlaine's Will - 1632-1715

Three weeks before his death at the age of 83,  the Rector signed his Will.  He made bequests that would benefit generations of Bedworth people. Even before he died he had placed a Contract to build Almshouses where the Health Centre now stands, and instructed that rents and profits of his estate in Bedworth were to be used to build two Schools. One would be for boys and one for girls with finance to support a Schoolmaster and a Schoolmistress. This is the legacy on which the two Charities have been built.

The Crest translation is (Nothing stands in the way of Virtue.) 

Nicholas Chamberlaine's family crest