Diana Butler entertains - January 2020

Bedworth Almshouse was alive with stories, songs and laughter when local lass Diana Butler entertained a large and appreciative audience in January 2020.

Her talk entitled “From Bedworth to London” took her listeners on a journey that began with a young Diana discovering an early talent for performance and music.

Diana was a pupil at Nicholas Chamberlaine School and after A levels was awarded a place at the Royal Academy of Music. She went on to perform as a pianist and as a singer in major London venues and in many parts of the world.

Diana interspersed her talk with a variety of piano excerpts encouraging her audience to join in the songs  and she ended with a patriotic “We’ll Meet Again.”  The audience comprised members of several Bedworth Churches, as well as Almshouse residents, and members of Diana's family including sisters Jean (centre) and Barbara (right).  

Over £300 was raised for Cancer Research UK. 


Registered Charity Numbers

Nicholas Chamberlaine’s Hospital and Sermon Charity (216930)
Nicholas Chamberlaine’s School Foundation (528672)

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