Worldwide Search for a Portrait of Nicholas Chamberlaine

It will be thePortrait silhouette 300th Anniversary of his death and the formation of the Trusts in 2015. It would be amazing if a picture could be found of the Rector who changed the fortunes of a small mining town and whose generous legacy is still making a difference to the lives of its citizens today.

There is no way of knowing what Nicholas Chamberlaine may have looked like as there appears to be no sketch, drawing or painting which was ever made of him. Although he came from a very wealthy background at a time when many families would have commissioned an artist to paint their likeness, nothing of him has emerged in over 300 years. The intriguing question is: Does someone out there have a picture that may be that of Bedworth's generous benefactor? The quest is on. We leave a suitable space on this website in the hope that one day it may be filled with the man whose legacy transformed the lives of so many in this small mining town.

If you have any information that might help in the search for a portrait of Nicholas Chamberlaine, please visit our Contact us page to send it to our Archivist, Joyce Taylor. She will certainly be grateful for any leads.

On Wednesday 24th June 2015, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire provided some coverage of the search for a portrait of Nicholas.


He's Bedworth's most famous benefactor… but what does he look like? The search is on to find his portrait of a man who has helped many generations. Our reporter Kevin Reide has been speaking to Vince Taylor from North Warwickshire Tourism and Jane Corrigan Trustee of the Nicholas Chamberlaine Trust #Bedworth

Posted by BBC Coventry & Warwickshire on Wednesday, 24 June 2015