The Rectors Room is on the first floor of the Almshouse. It contains the original table and chairs from 1840 and on one wall portrait photographs of the 12 Rectors who have served the Parish of All Saints Church. Henry Bellairs is the first dated 1819, and the more recent one that of Dave Poultney from  2018. It has been said that some of the Rectors “ruled Bedworth”  from this room. Records from the 1830’s until the 1950’s reveal that the “Chaplain’s Room” was regularly used by a variety of local groups. After 1945 the hire charge for any room in the Almshouse was 2/6d. The rooms were used by the Mothers Union, Miss Britain’s class, Bible class, Ladies Advisory Committee, Church Council, Advisory Hospital Governors, Girl Guides and School Governors among many others.

A very narrow doorway leads off this room to what is now called the Archive. School Log books and other precious artefacts and documents are stored in a controlled temperature in order to conserve the items. The tiny space was once used as a Strong room by land agent Robert Evans (father of novelist George Eliot). He collected rents from land and properties storing them behind a heavy metal door under lock and key.