Henry Bellairs Lounge: 

This room is named after a former Rector who, like Nicholas Chamberlaine, was to have a major impact on the town. To find out more his personal story, please visit the dedicated page on Henry Bellairs. The lounge is for the use of all residents and their visitors for social and recreational activities or simply as a place to meet and talk at any time. The Scheme Manager is responsible for the room and will give help and advice and should be consulted about booking the lounge and making use of it.


The laundry is available to all residents. Lines for drying of washing are provided at the rear of the dwellings. 

Guest Room:

No one other than a resident is permitted to live at the Almshouses. There is a guest room available for a relative or friend visiting for a short period (normally up to seven days). A charge is made for this service. Bed linen and towels are provided. 


A special concession is available under which residents pay only £7.50 each year for a television licence, providing they are retired, of pensionable age and under 75 years. It is possible for televisions to be connected to the Sky aerial system. 


The gardens have been laid out for the use and benefit of all residents. Most flats have individual plots to the rear, but if residents are unable to care for them, the work will be carried out by the gardeners by arrangement with the Scheme Manager. A prominent feature of the gardens is the Pump House.

More detailed information about Services which are provided, Terms of Occupancy and general information can be found in the Almshouses Residents' Handbook which will be given to you when you become an occupant.