Welcome to Bedworth and in particular to the Almshouses.

Often called the jewel in Bedworth’s crown, the picturesque Elizabethan style buildings were built in 1840. They stand in the centre of the town as a testament to a former Rector, the Reverend Nicholas Chamberlaine. Designed by notable Victorian Architect Thomas Larkins Walker, they were built by Mr John Toone as replacements for an earlier building which was next to the Parish Church.

The charity which manages the Almshouses was established in 1715 as part of a bequest by Nicholas. He was Rector of Bedworth for 51 years from 1664 until his death in 1715. Nicholas also secured the future of three Church schools which also continue to benefit from his great generosity. Today, tandem Trusts with the same twelve Governors manage that legacy.

The Ladies of the Almshouses (1911)

Back Row: Harriet Moore(58), Eliza Richards(68), Harriet Critchlow(73), Sarah Smith(74), Harriet Jephcote(64), Jane Emma Ford(60), Henretta Haywood(68), Sarah Hammersley(73), Leah Moore(65)

Front Row: Ann Walker(72), Eliza Tibbets(68), Eliza Moore(85), Sarah Lucas(68), Ann Wilkinson(73), Annie Camwell(71), Naomi Jaques(69), Emma Hall(74)