Did you know?

When Nicholas was 10 the Battle of Edgehill was being fought.

When Nicholas was 17 King Charles I was executed.

In 1660 the Restoration of the Monarchy took place and Charles II became King.

In 1665 the Five Mile Act was imposed. Non-Conformists could not worship within five miles of a corporate town, i.e. Coventry, so they travelled to the Old Meeting Chapel at Bedworth which was just far enough away...

Nicholas came to Bedworth at the invitation of his patron Sir Clement Throckmorton.

Sir Clement was a high Churchman being virtually Catholic in his beliefs.

Nicholas was a fervent Royalist and Churchman and used a Liturgy in English.

In 1683 a law about repairing the highway was imposed. Nicholas Chamberlaine is said to have brought prosecutions against those who failed to conform and ex-communicated three parishioners including a Churchwarden.

In 1685 Louis 14th repealed the Edict of Nantes which forced many Protestants to flee France. They became known as Huguenots and many settled in Bedworth; names like Spencer, Jacques and Prideaux emerged with Courtauld being one of the more famous.

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